Read the rhyme and choose the correct word!
(Lasi dzejoli un izvēlies pareizo vārdu!)
Twelve Months
by Jeanne Perrett and Charlotte Covill
In March the birds begin to sing.
They are happy now it’s spring.
In April blue skies come again.
There’s sometimes sun and sometimes rain.
In it’s warm and we can play.
Out in the sunshine every day.

In June the days are hot and bright
And stars shine in the sky at night.
In July we feel so free
Swimming in the bright blue sea.
In we’re on holiday.
Summer is the time to play.
In‘Hello friends!’
It’s time to go to school again.
In October yellow leaves
Fall from all the autumn trees.
In November days are dark
And we can’t play out in the park.
In December Christmas comes.
Fun and games for everyone!
In it sometimes snows.
The days are short, the cold wind blows.
In February the winter trees
Are black and brown; there are no leaves.
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