Read the description of the room and choose if the statement is 'True', 'False' or there isn't information about that – 'Doesn't say'.
(Izlasi istabas aprakstu un izvēlies vai apgalvojums ir "Pareizs", "Nepareizs" vai trūkst par to informācijas!)
Our Living Room
It’s the largest room in our house. There’s a coloured sofa at one side of the room and opposite it there’s a TV set. There’s a round glass coffee table in front of the sofa and it’s between two armchairs. There’s a fashionable carpet on the floor and some old paintings on the walls. Opposite the window there’s a fireplace with two candles on the mantelpiece. There are some antique and expensive things on the shelves of the modern cabinet.
1. There's only one large room in the house. 
2. The TV set is on the right from the door. 
3. The coffee table is round. 
4. The armchairs are in the same colour and patern as the sofa. 
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