Trenējies ŠEIT!


To describe various functions when using computers we can use phrasal verbs. Here are some of the most commonly used phrasal verbs related to computers.
1. to boot up - to load (an operating system) and start the initial processes.

2. to key into - to enter (data) into a computer by means of a keyboard.

3. to type in - to write in by means of a keyboard with types.

4. to back up - to make a backup of (a program or file).

5. to switch on - to turn on, to start.

6. to switch off - to turn off.

7. to print out - (of a computer output device, such as a line printer) to produce (printed information).

8. to power up - to switch on the power to (a computer system).

9. to connect up - to establish telephone communications with or between.

10. to log on/in - to enter a computer, system.

11. to log off - to exit a computer, system.

12. to shut down - to cease to operate or cause to cease operating.

13. to hack into - to break into another computer, system or server.

14. to go down - to stop operating.
Some examples:
Please print out for me this document, but first you have to power up the computer, because I yesterday it went down and I had to boot it up. Then when you switch it on and you log in. When you finish printing, please shut down the computer.