Listen to the text "Healthcare".

Shiloh and Adria share their views about private and public healthcare.

1. Adria: And another, you know, really big issue is that actually being a woman is considered like a pre-existing condition, which in a pre-existing condition, you can be denied   .
2. Adria: So, I think, in those respects, it's a positive, but maybe the way, you know, the Republicans and the Democrats kind of gave and took and from each other, that may be, in the end, it became something that there are, you know, causes in the healthcare   US that I didn't necessarily agree with. What do you think?

3. Shiloh: They do. They disagree with the whole thing. They believe that the    right now is okay, although they recognize it as being very expensive. And that's why I'm a little different, because I think that the health insurance system needs to be completely reformed.
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