Listen to the text "Healthcare".

Shiloh and Adria share their views about private and public healthcare.

1. Adria: I think it's really necessary. After, you know, hearing a lot about the healthcare system in other countries, and the healthcare system in our country, comparatively, I'd have to say there are a lot of flaws about the healthcare system in the US, and I think it definitely needed some reform. And I think some of the most poignant examples are definitely insurance companies, you know, declining coverage for, you know, children with cancer, because they developed cancer when their parents were unemployed, so they don't have health insurance, but they deny the children health   .
2. Shiloh: Well, it sounds to me like maybe you are talking more about health insurance reform instead of healthcare  , because there's a big difference. I think that what you're talking about is less information or less responsibility put on the government, and more on healthcare being responsible, or the insurance being responsible.
3. Shiloh: But I think that healthcare needs to remain privatized, because private healthcare leads to new technology; it leads to better health care practices. If, all of a sudden, the government is paying for all of our doctors and there's no privatization, there's no capitalism, then how are things going to advance? Because   , when competition between companies increases, so does the technology and the level of healthcare that people receive.

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