Listen to the text "Good Company". Curtis and Spencer talk about what companies they admire and would like to work for.
Write the phrases that you will hear.
1. Curtis: One company that I really admire is one that is from near where I grew up, COSCO. Many people know them for their brand, Kirkland Signature. They’re from Kirkland, Washington close to Seattle and one of the reasons I really like them is because they treat their employees really well. And there are   companies that don’t compensate their employees very well, they don’t take care of them but there’s research and data now that shows that COSCO has been getting benefits for taking care of their employees.
2. Spencer: So people come from all over and then can come together and meet each   for a coffee. It’s cool.
3. So people will get a sense of, like doing good for like the world when they like buy   .
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