Study the information about nouns and prepositions.

Remember these phrases:

1. Nouns + for

A reason for
A demand for
A need for
A cheque for

There is a great demand for mobile phones.
Рис. \(1\). Mobile phone

2. Nouns + of

A photo of
A picture of
A plan of
A drawing of
A cause of
An advantage/disadvantage of
This is a photo of my friend.

3. Nouns + in

An increase in
A decrease in
A rise in
A fall in

There has been an increase in the sales of fast food.

4. Noun + to

Damage to
A solution to
An invitation to
A key to
A reaction to
An attitude to/towards

His attitude to his project is very positive.

5. Noun+ with/between

A relationship wih
a connection with
a contact with

But! A relationship, contact, connection/contact/difference between.

There are many differences between fast food and healthy food.