Study the information about the prepositions of time.
We use prepositions at, on, in when we talk about time. Remember the situations when we use them:

1. Time
We can meet at 9 am.
2. Holidays

At Christmas we eat tasty dishes and give presents.

3. Phrases

At the moment
At noon
At midnight
At the end of
At night
At dawn
At the weekend
At the beginning of

Are you busy at the moment?

1. Seasons

I like swimming in summer.
2. Months

In May we will have a holiday.

3. Years

In 2014 we opened the first shop.

4. The parts of the day

In the morning, I like eating fruit and eggs.
1. Days of the week

On Friday we usually go to the cinema.

2. Dates

On the 1st of March we are planning to go to Madrid.

3. Holiday with the word “day”.

On New Year’s Day many people get together in a  family circle.