Study the information about phrasal verbs.
Verbs + out.
1. Out can be used in the meaning of ‘not burning, not shining’.

2. Remember!
Go out
Put out
Turn out
Blow out
We don’t need the candle. You can blow it out.

We managed to put the fire out.
3. Work out can have different meanings:

- do physical exercises;
- develop, progress
- for mathematical calculations
- calculate, think about a problem and find the answer
Rachel and James work out at the gym three times a week.

The bill for five people is 500 dollars. That works out at 100 each.
4. Remember these words:
Carry out an order/an experiment

Fall out = stop being friends

Find out = get information

Give/hand things out = give to each person

Point something out = draw attention to something

Run out (of something)

Sort something out = find a solution to, put in order

Try out a machine, a system, a new idea = test it to see if it is OK

Turn out to be
The weather wasn’t so good in the morning, but it turned out nice later.

There are some problems we need to sort out.