Study the information about phrasal verbs. Up and down.
1. Put something up (on a wall)

Pick something up

Stand up

Turn something up
I can’t hear the TV. Can you turn it up a bit?
2. Take something down

Put something down

Sit down

Bend down

Lie down

Turn something down

Cut down
Why did you cut down this tree in the garden?
3. Knock down a building, blow smth. down, cut something down

Some old houses were knocked down to make way for the new shopping centre.

A man was knocked down by a car and taken to hospital.
4. Down = getting less

Slow down = go more slowly

Calm down = become calmer

Cut down (on something) = eat, drink, do something less often
I am trying to cut down on coffee. I drank far too much of it.
5. Break down = stop working

Close down, shut down = stop doing business

Let somebody down = disappoint somebody because you didn’t do what they hoped

Turn somebody/something down = refuse an application, an offer
Write something down = write something on paper
I can’t remember his email. I wrote it down, but I can’t find it.
There used to be a shop at the end of the street, it closed down a few years ago.
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