Study the information about verb + -ing or to. Part 2
1. Try to and try -ing.

Try to do = attempt to do, make an effort to do.

I was very tired. I tried to keep my eyes open.

Try also means ‘do something as an experiment or test’.

These cakes are tasty. You should try one.

After try, use the verb with -ing.

Try pressing the red button.
2. Need to and need -ing.

I need to do something = it is necessary for me to do it.

I need to pass exams well.
Something needs doing = it needs to be done.

Do you think my fur coat needs cleaning?
3. Help and can’t help.

You can say help to do or help do.
Everybody helped to clean the room.

Everybody helped clean the room.
I can’t help doing something = I can’t stop myself doing it.
Kate tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help laughing.