Read Sarah's school report from Lampton School.Decide if each of the following statements is True or False!
Name: Sarah Targett
Class: 3B
Age: 14
Sometimes very good, but often spoilt because she is careless about finishing her homework. She really must try to hand in her work at the right time!
She has worked hard throughout the term. She shows a good understanding of what she reads. She often has problems with written work as she doesn't take enough time to organize her ideas before starting to write. Her handwriting is neat but she can be rather slow.
Sarah is getting on well. She is neat and remembers facts well.
She has made good progress during the term and handed in an excellent piece of work on English Kings and Queens. She sometimes has difficulty remembering dates and needs to put in more time on this at home.
Sarah enjoys this subject and she has produced some very good work this term. She still needs to take care when she is drawing maps, although they are much tidier than they used to be.
Sarah is doing very well; she has a pleasant voice and she comes to practice regularly.
Good. She's got lots of energy and has been a very active member of the girls' football team. She's also learnt to swim at last.
Class teacher's report:
Sarah is a very pleasant and helpful member of class. There are certain subjects, especially Maths, where she needs to make more effort, but on the whole she is working well.
Q1: She finds it difficult to plan her English written work.
Q2: Sarah's mapwork is becoming more untidy.
Q3: Sarah has written a very good work for her history assignment.
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