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New Year in Different Countries
New Year's Eve is on 31st December. That is the last day of the year. On this day people think about the last year. They celebrate the good things that happened. Before the midnight they usually count down from 10 till 0. Then they welcome the New Year with fireworks. New Year's Day is on 1st January. On this day people also make some resolutions for the next year.
calendar – [ˈkæl.ən.dər] – kalendārs
celebrate – [ˈsel.ə.breɪt] – svinēt
fireworks – [ˈfɑɪərˌwɜrks] – uguņošana
hourglass – [ˈaʊə.ɡlɑːs] – smilšu pulkstenis
mask – [mɑːsk] – maska
midnight – [ðəˈsɪksθ] – pusnakts
count down – [ˈkaʊnt.daʊn] – skaitīt atpakaļgaitā
resolution – [ˌrez.əˈluː.ʃən] – apņemšanās
New Year – [ˌnjuːˌjɪə] – Jaunais gads
New Year's Eve – [ˌnjuːˌjɪəz ˈiːv] – Vecgada vakars