Read the text carefully and choose the correct answer.
Uzmanīgi izlasi tekstu un izvēlies pareizo atbildi!
My name is Elizabeth. I have a younger brother, Andrew. I live with my family on a farm. My father runs the farm and my mother is a vet. We’ve got lots of animals on our farm.
Some of them are small. They are ducks, chickens, rabbits and some mice. But others are big. They are pigs, bulls, cows or horses. They live in the barn in winter and in summer they spend their day in the meadow near the pond. I love living in the countryside.
I usually wake up at half past six. I often help my parents with the work on the farm. I love feeding lambs, calves, ducks and piglets. It’s not difficult at all. Sometimes I also help my dad milk the cows, feed the horses and bulls. You have to be very careful with them or they’ll kick you.
My brother and I go to the school. When lessons finish I usually have a little snack and play with my brother for a while. Then, I do my homework and help my parents. I also sometimes collect eggs in the hen house in the mornings. There is one thing I don't like - to weed the garden. When I want to walk around I go to the forest and pick up berries or mushrooms. Usually I do it together with my brother.
1. Where does Elizabeth go for a walk?
2. What time does Elizabeth wake up?
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