You have decided to participate in an international youth newspaper’s essay competition. Study the sources provided. In your essay:
  • describe the issue raised in both sources;
  • propose and support at least 2 solutions to the problem;
  • come to a conclusion.
Source 1:
Research on adolescent development stresses the need for sleep, playtime, downtime, and family time. However, many teenagers struggle to find enough time to fit these essential activities into busy schedules full of extracurricular and school activities, tutoring outside of school, demanding homework, chores, family responsibilities, paid work, and travelling to school. As a result, students report getting an average of only six and a half hours of sleep each night.
(adapted from
Source 2:
United States: Harris Interactive, August 3 to 31, 2013; 1,018 respondents 13-17 years
(adapted from
Answer the questions.
1. What kind of language do you use writing this essay?
2. The linking words "Firstly", "Secondly" are better used in
3. Which two linking phrases do you use to express contrast?
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