You will listen to a programme about an environmental activist. Complete the gaps in your classmate’s notes on the programme with the missing information (words or numbers).
An example (0) has been given.
Read all the sentences carefully before listening to the text. Understand what you will need to pay attention to while listening.
Remember that here you have the opportunity to pause the file you are listening to, in order to re-listen to the part you did not understand. There will be no such option in the exam.
0. Ed Begley Jr. is an American  actor  and an environmental activist.
1. As the first step, Begley got rid of .
2. Some people were to see his unconventional arrival at the Oscars.
3. The Begleys filmed the of their house to promote the idea of eco-friendly buildings.
4. Begley claims that helps reduce building costs.
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