Continuation from the previous task.
Read the text about an inventor and her invention. Write in the gaps (1-3) in the text with the missing information (A-E). Write the correct letter (A-E) in the gap.
There is one sentence you do not need to use. The task starts with an example (0). 
Like many women in the 1950s, Bette Nesmith Graham made a living as a secretary. By 1951, she had worked her way up to the position of the executive secretary at Texas Bank and Trust. (0) E. Since Bette was a single mother supporting herself and her son, keeping the job was extremely important.
When the other secretaries realized how useful the invention was, Graham received hundreds of requests from them. (1). She began marketing her product as “Mistake Out” in 1956, though she couldn’t afford the $400 patent fee. She moved forward anyway, studying books in the public library and experimenting with the formula of her correction fluid. (2).
“During that time, I often became discouraged,” she told the magazine Texas Woman in 1979. “I wanted the product to be absolutely perfect before I distributed it, and it seemed to take so long for that to happen.” The demand for the product increased and soon she started working full-time to create and package the product from her home. Her first employees were her teenage son and his friends, working for a dollar an hour.
In 1958, the improved product was renamed “Liquid Paper”, and it began to become popular. Graham was written about in a magazine and received a large order from a big company (3). By 1979, her company employed 200 people and made 25 million bottles of Liquid Paper per year, making her invention one of the most popular office supplies of the 20th century.
A She continued working from her kitchen nights and weekends to produce small batches of correction bottles
B Graham saw it was useless at concealing typos
C Every evening she returned home from work to improve the recipe
D Her hard work led to a multimillion company with the main office in downtown Dallas
E However, Bette wasn’t efficient at typewriting and struggled with typing mistakes
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