4. jūnijs - MATEMĀTIKA
Fill each of the gaps in the following passage. Use only one word in each gap. The task begins with an example.
1. Jeans are (Example) a type of trousers, typically made from denim fabric. They invented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss. They patented their design in 1873. Levi Strauss lived in California and was a shop owner. In his shop he sold a lot of goods, including fabric. Jacob Davis was born in 1831 in Riga, where he trained and worked in a tailor shop. In 1854, he emigrated to the United States and started a company in New York.
2. Davis had an idea to make trousers for working people that would last a long time. He decided to put rivets on certain parts to make the trousers stronger. The customers loved the new pants so much that their jeans quickly popular with cowboys, miners, and railway workers.
3. Jacob Davis was busy making trousers with rivets so he wrote to Strauss and asked if he would partner with
to patent the design. After that Davis and Strauss started to mass produce the jeans. Today Levi’s jeans are still popular, and Levi’s name continues to live on.
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