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0. Who encouraged you to become a writer?
My college professors said, “Hey, you’ve got a way with words.” I thought, “Super. I’m going to be a writer. ”

I worked at Disney World and at Circus World. I worked at a campground and in a greenhouse, and the whole time, I said, “I’m going to be a writer” — but I wasn’t writing.


If you see it on a book it guarantees that you will like the story. People know it and pick up a book because of it.


Read aloud for their kids each night. When children see that you are reading a book for your own pleasure, it has more effect than screaming at them to read for 15 minutes.
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What makes the Newbery Medal so special?
How did you earn your living before you started writing books?
How can parents encourage their child to read?
Were you a passionate reader yourself?
What did the Newbery Medal mean to you?
What advice would you give to young writers?
What qualities helped you become a writer?
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