Paper 1
Your class is going to take part in an adventure activity in the forest. You and your friend are responsible for organising it. Together you should discuss:
  • what to wear during the activity;
  • what  difficulties  you may have in the forest (weather, insects, etc.);
  • when and how long it will be;
  • how to make this day memorable;
  • what each of you will be responsible for.
Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. Why are adventure activities popular?
  2. Have you ever participated in an adventure activity? If yes, what was it like? If no, would you like to? Why?
  3. Why can adventure activities be dangerous?
  4. Do you think you would be a good member of a team? Why/why not?
  5. What do you suggest to make the adventure memorable?

Paper 2
You would like to inform your partner class in Italy about the Song and Dance Festival. You and your friend are going to make a short video. Together you should discuss: 
  • why this festival is so popular in Latvia;
  • what to include in the film (interviews, performances, parade, etc.);
  • who will help you make the film;
  • what each of you will be responsible for;
  • how your school is going to participate.
Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. Would it be interesting for you to participate in the Song and Dance Festival? Why/why not?
  2. Can anyone learn to sing or dance? Give reasons for your answer.
  3. What do you enjoy about music lessons al school?
  4. Can singing or dancing help you choose a profession? Give reasons for your answer.
  5. What famous singer or group would you like to hear live? Why?
Paper 3
You and your classmate must prepare a radio programme to broadcast on the school radio. Together you should discuss:
  • topics for discussion (sports, music, school news, birthdays, contests, exhibitions, etc.);
  • a person to interview;
  • music to play;
  • the day and time of day for the broadcast;
  • how classmates  can help you prepare the programme.

Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. Do you like the idea of school radio? Why/why not?
  2. How do you relax during  breaks between lessons?
  3. Do you listen to the radio? Why/why not?
  4. Would you like to work on radio or TV? Why/why not?
  5. What can you do lo make school life more colourful?
Paper 4
You and your classmate organise a friendship match between your class and your friends from Finland. Together you should discuss:
  • what game to play and why exactly this game;
  • what  you need for the game (e.g. sports equipment, clothes,  team's name, logo, etc.);
  • time and place of the game:
  • tasks for the fans (e.g. outfit, posters, photos, film, etc.):
  • how to share the information about the event and the results of the match.
Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. Have you ever been in a sports team? What was it like?
  2. What sport are you Interested in and what is the best  thing  about it?
  3. Would you like to be a famous athlete? Why/why not?
  4. What makes a good team captain?
  5. Do you agree that there is too much sport on TV and on the Internet? Why/ why not?

Paper 5
On the last day of school after receiving your reports you and your classmate are organising a pancake afternoon. Together you should discuss:
  • where to organise it;
  • what pancakes to make and how;
  • where to lay the table and what else to put on the table;
  • how to make the party mare entertaining (music, quizzes, games, etc.):
  • what each of you will be responsible  for.
Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. How do you feel at the end of a school year? Why?
  2. What is the best way to spend your summer holiday?
  3. What is the most memorable holiday you have ever had?
  4. What is the best way to learn to cook?
  5. What food is better to cook in the summer?

Paper 6
The teacher has asked you and your classmate to read a book in English  and then to present  it to the class. Together you should discuss:
  • why reading in English is a good idea;
  • what kind of book you would like to read (poetry, novel, biography, etc.);
  • where you can get a book in English;
  • what you do with unknown words In the story;
  • how you can present the book.
Questions for the teacher to ask:
  1. What do you think of reading e-books?
  2. What is better for you - to read a book or watch a film? Why?
  3. How do you choose what to read?
  4. Do you like learning poems by heart? Why/why not?
  5. What can you learn from fairy tales?