Task 1 (10 points)
Read the text about an eco-friendly designer and choose the correct option for the statements below. An example (0) has been given.
Most artists have a favourite material they like to work with. For 28-year-old Kristen Alyce, it happens to be trash. The eco-conscious designer uses her incredible talent to transform rubbish like empty drink bottles and sweet wrappers into glamorous outfits that sell for thousands of dollars.
Kristen says the idea came to her after she saw how much waste she and her three college roommates generated on a daily basis. The Fine Arts student began to dream about transforming the thrown away bags and packages into beautiful pieces of clothing. Her first dress, made from plastic bags and rolled magazines, was unusual, fun and even glamorous. However, she only made it to test her creativity.
The young designer did not consider starting a risky business until she spent a week working at Couture Fashion Week in New York City. There she observed the excitement generated by new and vintage looks and decided to see if her unusual idea would result in as much enthusiasm. She began by creating a line of 12 rubbish-inspired dresses. They were a tremendous hit and Garbage Gone Glam was born!
Today the company has offices in Palm Beach (Florida) and New York City and produces a wide variety of outfits that range from cocktail dresses to ball gowns. Kristen, of course, doesn’t search bins for her material anymore. Instead, she seeks it from companies that have manufactured more than they need and are planning to throw away the extras. Since the designer can work with anything from brochures to yellow page directory pages to sweet wrappers, finding ‘trash’ is never a problem.
However, if you think that rubbish inspired couture dresses come cheap, think again. The price for ready-made creations on the company’s site is from $500 to $1,500 USD. Though that may appear expensive, the designer says that she has no shortage of customers. In fact, thanks to persistent requests she now even has trash inspired outfits for men that include jackets, ties, trousers and even swimming trunks! While most of the outfits are strong enough to be worn many times, whether they can be cleaned is a little unclear.
0. Kristen Alyce is
  • an eco-conscious clean-up campaigner.
  • an eco-friendly outfit designer.
  • an eco-conscious bottle manufacturer.
  • an eco-friendly head of Couture Fashion Week.
1. Kristen says that she had the idea to use rubbish to make dresses after
2. Kristen made her first dress
3. Kristen decided to set up a business
4. Which is true about her first line of dresses?
5. Nowadays her company has offices
6. To get material for her outfits Kristen
7. Kristen always has enough material to work with because
8. Which is true about Kristen’s business?
9. Kristen designs
10. Kristen’s rubbish made outfits
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