Listen to this:
Task 2 (10 points)
Listen to Duncan talking about his trip to Iceland to study sea birds called puffins and mark the sentences as true or false.

Choose the correct answer.
1. Puffins are good at swimming but they are at their best on dry land.

2. The birds use their feet to change the course of their flight.

3. Puffins prefer to make their nests in the ground.

4. Young puffins are hatched in six months.

5. When young puffins get too lonely, they leave their nests.

6. For young puffins, it’s difficult to fly at night near cities.

7. The most dangerous place for the puffins are gardens.

8. Puffins are not particularly scared of people.

9. Local boys take the injured puffins to hospital.

10. The speaker believes that a puffin T-shirt is a better souvenir than a puffin mouse mat.
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