Read the text below and choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Choose the correct option. An example (0) is given.

People have been (0) making and flying kites for about 2,000 years. No one for sure who invented the kite. Some historians believe that the ancient Chinese may have started kite 2000 years ago. It is still a popular hobby in China, Japan and Korea and in other countries of the Far East where beautifully decorated kites appear in different colours. In China is even a special Kites Day on children and adults fly kites. In Japan families fly fish kites on Children’s Day, May 5th.
Simple kites by crossing two sticks and covering them with paper or cloth. Then a string is attached at the end. More expensive kites have frames made of fiberglass, plastic or aluminium. The name comes a graceful bird called a kite.
Kites are made in many different sizes, colours and shapes. A flat kite is type of kite. It flies because air flows over and under the kite’s wing. The pressure under the wing helps the kite lift the air.
Kites have also been used in experiments, such as measuring temperature at different heights. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin used a kite to prove that lightning was a form of electricity. He a metal key to the string of a kite. When the lightning hit the kite, electricity passed down the string and Franklin got an electric shock. It was a very dangerous experiment that you shouldn’t copy.
Kites were also used to develop airplanes. The Wright Brothers experimented with kites before they flew the first airplane. the past kites were used to take pictures in wars. In World War I the Germans developed large kite that could transport people to a submarine. Kites also used to carry radio signals over long distances.
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