Listen and fill the gaps with the missing information. Use one or two words or numbers.


The Mary Celeste was a ship which was found drifting in the ocean without anyone on board. You will hear what people saw when they found the ship.

1. The ship was sailing from (from where?) to Italy.

2. The captain was (how old? .

3. There were (how many?)  people on board altogether.

4. The food and water were planned to last for (how long? .

5. The captain’s (what?)  were carelessly dropped everywhere.

6. There was some medicine against (what? .

7. There were 20 (what? in the purse.

8. The diary and calculations were (in what state? .

9. The captain’s journal was found on the (where? of the ship.

10. One of the things missing from the ship was a (what? .
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