Complete each gap with ONE suitable word.


The Simpsons is an American sitcom that shows middle class lifestyle in cartoon form. The half-hour episodes  place in the fictional town of Springfield and make fun out of American culture and society.

The Simpson family consists  5 main characters. Homer, a rather clumsy father, works at a nuclear power plant in Springfield and is to Marge Simpson, a typical American middle class housewife. The couple has three children. Bart is a ten-year old who always  into trouble. Lisa is a very intelligent eight-year old has become a vegetarian and a Buddhist. Maggie, the family’s baby, is often shown with a pacifier. The Simpsons two pets, a dog named Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball, a cat.

It is the longest running sitcom in American television history, and a full-length movie, The Simpsons Movie, which made in 2007, earned over half a billion dollars.
The programme has been very successful around the world. It is watched millions of people in over a hundred countries. In 2000 Time magazine named it the best television series of the century and the cartoon characters of The Simpsons received their own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
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