You should spend about 15 minutes on this task.

Write a paragraph for the school newspaper describing your most favourite place in your town/village. (60-80 words)
It is very important that you remember – do not write less than 60 and more than 80 words. Keep in mind you are writing a paragraph for a school newspaper.

Start with introduction, then mention which is your favourite place in your town, why this is your favourite place – give at least three supporting ideas. Try linking your ideas one to another; do not jump from one idea to another. You could end the paragraph by encouraging everyone to visit the place.

Some adjectives which could help you to make your text more illustrative:
quiet, clean, dirty, ancient, modern, industrial, cosmopolitan, picturesque, lively, cultural, traditional, developed, developing, urban, rural, local, outdoor, indoor, panoramic, pretty, modern etc.
Remember when describing a place you have to bring a picture of the place you describe into readers mind.

Evaluation sheet
Task achievement
Fulfills the task quite convincingly; all content points are developed.
Has sufficient vocabulary used accurately to complete the task.
Uses frequently used constructions with few errors which do not lead to communication breakdown.
Completes the task only generally; all content points are mentioned but may lack development.
Moderate range of basic vocabulary; the ideas are generally clear.
Uses simple structures correctly; occasional systematic errors are possible, though the message is clear.
Organisation is appropriate to the task. The text is connected.
Attempts to complete the task; some of the content points are missing.
Restricted range of simple everyday vocabulary; errors may cause misunderstandings.
Restricted range of grammar structures; errors may cause misunderstandings.
Makes an attempt to organise the text; ideas might be jumbled.
Very difficult to spot any required content points, though the text bears some relevance to the task.
Very basic vocabulary with frequent mistakes; occasionally is unable to express ideas clearly.
Generally inadequate grammar; unable to produce basic grammar structures and patterns.
Is able to link words into sentences.
Not enough to evaluate/ The script bears no relevance to the task.
Not enough to evaluate/ The script bears no relevance to the task
Not enough to evaluate/ The script bears no relevance to the task
Not enough to evaluate/ The script bears no relevance to the task