Read the text and decide whether the statements are true, false or not mentioned. Tick the appropriate box – true (T), false (F) or not mentioned (NM).
The kangaroo is an animal from Australia. The kangaroo received its name from the Aboriginal word ‘gungurru’. Many English settlers thought they were originally deer who hopped like frogs, had no horns and could stand up. They were also confused about how females had their children in their pouches.
Another interesting kangaroo fact is that it is a strong swimmer. If a kangaroo feels threatened, it will move into water for protection. Its front legs can work in self-defence to hold predators down to drown if they attack.
A kangaroo’s diet consists mostly of grass and other plants. Water is also common but a kangaroo can go for days without it. Kangaroos eat early in the morning and late in the afternoon. They rest in shady areas during the day. In many cases a kangaroo can use its front legs to scrape an area of the ground and use the newly revealed cool spot as a place to lie down in. This is crucial because a kangaroo does not sweat.
Many of these animals travel in groups. This is critical because having more kangaroos in a group will ensure that all members can be protected, especially in situations when a dingo, fox or wolf is present in the area.
There are three species of kangaroos. The first is the red kangaroo. This is the larger type of kangaroo that features a red colour for a male and a grey colour for a female. These animals can be found in central parts of Australia in areas that are flat and hot with a small amount of rainfall. The second type of kangaroo is the grey kangaroo. This animal is not as large as the red kangaroo and it has a greyish brown appearance. Most of these animals can be found around the eastern part of the country.
The third kangaroo to see is the tree kangaroo. This type of kangaroo can be found in tropical parts of Australia and also in Papua New Guinea. This kangaroo is different in that it lives in trees. The tail of the tree kangaroo will work to keep the animal properly balanced as it hops between branches. Also, the tails of these kangaroos are floppy and hang down. They are not stiff like other tails.
1. Kangaroos are mammals that come from Australia.
2. English settlers first believed that kangaroos were large frogs with no horns.
3. When a kangaroo swims, it uses only its front legs and the tail.
4. Kangaroos can defend themselves from enemies by pushing them under water.
5. Kangaroos can survive for only a day without drinking any water.
6. Kangaroos eat early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
7. As kangaroos do not sweat, they look for a place which is not hot.
8. Living in a group is important for safety.
9. Red kangaroos are usually as big as the grey ones.
10. There are more than three kinds of kangaroos worldwide.
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