Task 1 (10 points)
Read the eight students’ opinions about using tablets at school and do the task. Match the statements (1-10) with the opinions (A-H). Select only one letter for each statement. You have to use some letters more than once. An example (0) has been given.
We asked teenagers from different countries to tell us what they think about it.
Ella, 14, Croatia

Not carrying books to school would mean a great comfort for the students and their parents. Good results are not about books. The best education can be given when children use fewer books and more interactive modules, games and video lectures. It would break the myth of “the more books, the better knowledge”.
Ahmad, 16, Egypt

Tablets will give students only information not knowledge. Without books you cannot get a complete education. Books help improve your vocabulary and writing skills. When you read a book, you focus more than when reading from the tablet, because there are fewer distractions, and your analytical thinking skills become stronger.
Dumitra, 15, Romania

Packing a school bag for the next day’s lessons requires time and planning. Sometimes we have to think about sharing one textbook with our classmate, or sometimes one subject might require two books. All of this can be solved if we have to put just one tablet into the bag.
Leon, 15, Belgium

I study in a school where tablets are given. We do all the homework and tests through the apps. The tablets are locked and can work only with a few apps. However, some students managed to crack the software and started playing multiplayer games at the lessons, which led to chaos and very poor results.
Haruki, 15, Japan
When I read a book, I imagine myself as the character of the story and how I defeat the huge dragon and find the hidden treasure. If we learn only from tablets, which is happening a lot these days, it will not only affect our brains but will also limit our imaginative power.
Sophie, 13, France

In our school the distance between classes is big. My normal school bag with books, copies and a lunch box weighs 8.4 kg. It might not seem a lot, but imagine carrying it several times a day. As I am not very tall and strong, it is really heavy. It has given me terrible backaches.
Lakshmi, 16, India
Giving every student a tablet would cost a lot, because there are thousands of students in every school in India. In my school the number of lessons was reduced and the time of each was increased to help the students carry fewer books. Students now have to bring four textbooks for only eight lessons a day.
Fredrik, 14, Finland

Using tablets at school is work-oriented, because most jobs require the use of technologies. Besides, an average tablet contains up to 64 gigabytes of information. One tablet can hold hundreds of textbooks and save hundreds of trees. Using technology leads to better use of natural resources.

0. Even nowadays getting a good education is impossible without books.
1. Buying tablets for many students could be very expensive.

2. Students have to carry more than one book for some school subjects.

3. Reading paper books awakens students’ creativity.

4. Using tablets in schools can help protect the environment.

5. A digital school needs more control over the use of IT during lessons.

6. Carrying heavy school bags can negatively affect students’ health.

7. The use of more books does not guarantee better learning.

8. Reading a paper book helps you concentrate better.

9. Changes in the timetable can help students carry fewer books to school.

10. It takes less time to pack one tablet instead of many books into your bag.
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