Task 1
(12 points)
Read the descriptions of people’s wishes and course offers. Choose the right course for each person, taking into account their interests and age. Write the letter of the chosen course (A-N) next to the person (1-12) who could be interested in the course. Note that there are more course offers than required. Use each course only once. An example (0) has been given.
People looking for a course
0. Marion (age 20) wants to boost her self-confidence and gain knowledge about creating a better visual image of herself. I
1. Taylor (age 25) is looking for a new hobby that will boost his creativity and develop his hand-eye coordination.
2. Jamie (age 22) has agreed to be the photographer at his sister’s wedding. His family believes he takes lovely photos, but he is worried that he has never received training in that field.
3. Adrian’s (age 6) parents would like him to become more independent in the kitchen.
4. Alex (age 23) has just started dating and would like to brush up on some cooking techniques to impress his girlfriend.
5. Ann (age 21) is a student at university looking for ways to be physically active and creative at the same time.
6. Lindsay (age 45) has been a saxophone player for almost 25 years and would like to continue her career in this field.
7. Charlie (age 18) is thinking about continuing his education and would like to understand if he can afford it.
8. Sydney (age 36) has just received a promotion at work and will now need to communicate with international partners. Since he does not like learning in a classroom environment, he wants to use his vacation to learn a new language.
9. Robin (age 23) needs to rethink her wardrobe choices so that they are more suitable for her needs but still allow her to be fashionable.
10. Max’s (age 9) parents believe that developing their child’s digital skills is extremely useful for his future career prospects.
11. Leslie (age 52) is looking for a job in marketing and would like to improve his digital skills.
12. Morgan (age 27) has recently joined a gym to improve his physical appearance and now wants to start making healthier choices in the kitchen too.
Course offers
Explore colour mixing, blending, and working on a canvas. We will start by working from a photo with hands-on step-by-step instructions. Basic drawing skills are recommended. A supply list of brushes, paint, etc. will be emailed from your instructor.
Give your ‘engineer’ the knowledge to stay ahead in today’s technological society. We are offering a unique experience for people to code, test and create their own apps in real time using an easy- to-understand format. The best part about this program is that they will be able to save their created apps right to their (or your own) devices for play anywhere and anytime!
Do you need to collect information from a group of people either personally or professionally? Or just need an easy way to add data to a spreadsheet? Learn to use the free Forms tool. We will put together a simple form in minutes and learn how the data can feed directly to a spreadsheet. We will then discuss various tips for this process to make it even better for you and your users.
Start learning this ancient, exciting, and graceful form of art by acquiring new techniques. Learn new movements and combinations while beginning a focused approach to creating exciting, glamorous choreography that will help you stand out in a crowd. Suggested attire: stretch yoga pants, T-shirt, etc., and a scarf to tie around your hips.
Sometimes everyone needs a little kick for inspiration! You will be motivated for excellence and enjoy newfound or rediscovered passion for this art form. The disciplines taught will include close-up/macro, portraiture, landscape and food. There will be at least one workshop in the field, along with classroom exercises and image critiques. Some knowledge of your equipment is required.
Eating real food (as opposed to processed food) can help the body’s ability to maintain internal balance. Learn which foods keep your body strong, which techniques preserve nutrients, and those herbs and spices that help in increasing your metabolism. We will discuss the impact of a plant-based diet on your body.
Hands-on classes for children needing help on how to feed themselves. The course will introduce them to bread-making and basic knife skills. The fun starts at around noon and normally finishes at around 4pm, by which time everyone will have made something delicious to take away and share. There’s usually a chance to feed hens, collect their eggs, and to feed the goats.
First time students will review basic expressions, sounds and helpful tips to get around as we travel through Spain or Latin America. Do not shy away just because you feel you are at a basic level; there is always something new and different. Returning students continue to work on their goals while reviewing what they already know, or do not know.
Suzanne Newman, owner of Find Fashion Happiness in Deerfield, a fashion, image and organizational consultancy firm, will discuss how to choose the right products, where best to buy them, and which items are worth the extra money. We will also discuss eyebrows, and colours that look fresh and natural when you are no longer a teenager. Then we will spend time to bring out your best look.
In just two sessions you will learn how to be the very best version of your professional and personal self! Suzanne Newman is an expert at helping people define their image and build their personal style.
This class will focus on constructing a proper spending plan for you or your family. We will discuss how to pay debt, manage debt after college, understand college loans and loan repayment plans. This class is interactive, and questions and answers will be welcome at the end of class time.
We are waiting for advanced wind and percussion players who are interested in performance of the highest caliber. Members must be available to rehearse Tuesday evenings and to perform on scheduled concert dates. Percussion instruments are provided for use, but wind players must supply their own instruments.
Lacking a big backyard does not mean that you can never have your own vegetable garden. Master Gardener and garden coach Mark Lyons will show you tips and techniques for making the most of limited space to grow a bountiful harvest of sweet, crunchy vegetables and pretty flowers.
Roll up your sleeves and put on your apron. Fireman Tony and Coach Miceli are teaming up again to teach this hands-on class. One of the most important steps is the skillful prepping of your ingredients – usually chopping or slicing. That is why a good understanding and use of knife skills is a valuable asset: which knife to use and how to skillfully use your knife.
Lai iesniegtu atbildi un redzētu rezultātus, Tev nepieciešams autorizēties. Lūdzu, ielogojies savā profilā vai reģistrējies portālā!