Task 1
Task instructions:
You have to answer 5 questions about the topic. You have 3 – 5 minutes for the 5 questions. Say as much as you can.
1. Do you like listening to music on a regular basis? Why/Why not?
2. Is music changing as time goes on? Why/Why not?
3. What makes you like a song: the melody, the lyrics, or something else?
4. How have social media changed the way people create and share music?
5. Why is music sometimes called a universal language?
1. Do you use the Internet mostly for entertainment or education? Please explain.
2. How has the Internet improved your life?
3. How has the Internet changed education?
4. Do you worry about Internet security? Why/Why not?
5. Which aspects of our life cannot be moved online? Please explain.
1. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
2. In your opinion, what skills will be important in the future? Why?
3. Will technology change cities in the future? How/Why not?
4. What changes do you expect to take place in society in the future?
5. What new technology would you like to see in the future? Why?
1. What is your favourite piece of technology? Why?
2. When you get a new gadget, do you read the instruction manual? Why/Why not?
3. Does technology make people lazy? Why/Why not?
4. How have technological advances affected education?
5. Why do some people prefer to live with less technology?
1. What type of transportation do you prefer? Why?
2. What is the most environmentally friendly form of transportation? Why?
3. Should cars be banned from city centres in favour of public transport? Why/Why not?
4. Do you think people should be encouraged to use more public transport? Why/Why not?
5. How will smart technology change the way we move around?
1. Do you help your classmates with their studies? How/Why not?
2. What do you think about giving money to charity?
3. Is it important to do voluntary work? Why/Why not?
4. What is the role of social media in promoting good causes?
5. When people are wealthy or successful, do they have a special responsibility to help others?