Task 1 (12 points)

Listen to the interview with Matt talking about his experience in learning Japanese. Complete the gaps with the missing information (words or numbers). An example (0) has been given.
The interviewer has been following Matt on his (0) YouTube channel.

It took Matt (1)  years to excel in Japanese.
The interviewer says that he could personally use Matt’s videos to learn the (2)  language.
The interviewer would like to find out Matt’s (3)  to learn Japanese. Japanese first caught Matt’s attention when he was (4)  years old. Matt hoped that learning Japanese could help him become more (5) . Matt started learning Japanese while living in (6) .
Matt was inspired by a person who took only (7)  months to become fluent in Japanese.
Matt then asked his (8)  whether this person spoke good Japanese. Matt had a chance to go to Japan while in (9) .
Matt thinks that having no (10)  helped him invest more time into learning Japanese.
Matt compares his stay in Japan to a long (11) .
Matt suggests that people should be (12)  about how much time they can devote to learning a language.
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