Task 3 (8 points)
Listen to the interview with Linda Kaye, a cyberpsychologist, talking about the use of emojis. Read the questions and statements and choose the correct option (A, B or C), according to the interview. An example (0) has been given.
0. According to Linda, what do people like about emojis?
A They are easy to use on Facebook.
B They are suitable for every life situation.
C They make writing more expressive.
1. Linda states that the use of emojis
2. The interviewer would like to find out whether
3. What point does Linda make about emojis?
4. Which is true about the experiment Linda describes?
5. What are the main findings of the research?
6. By his question the interviewer implies that
7. Linda says that in their research they focus on
8. What can be concluded from Linda’s final comment about the use of emojis?
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