Task 1 (Day 3)
Task instructions:
You have to answer 5 questions about the topic. You have 3 – 5 minutes for the 5 questions. Say as much as you can.
1. What makes you laugh? Why?
2. Do you understand jokes in other languages? Please explain.
3. What should you never make jokes about? Why?
4. How important is a sense of humour in communication?
5. Do you agree that laughter is a universal language? Why/Why not?
1. What is the best thing that has happened to you recently?
2. Is there anything you haven’t had the courage to do yet? Please explain.
3. How do you cope with stress?
4. Do you welcome challenges or try to avoid them? Why?
5. Do you agree that there is no such thing as failure, only learning? Why/Why not?
1. What kind of people do you get along with well? Why?
2. What are your best qualities? Please explain.
3. What personality traits are important for running a business? Why?
4. How important are first impressions to you? Why?
5. What factors shape our personalities? Please explain.
1.Which environmental issues are people in Latvia aware of?
2. Who should be responsible for protecting the environment? Why?
3. How can we create less garbage than we produce now?
4. What world problem should be fixed first? Why?
5. What will our life be like if nothing changes in the way we are treating the planet?
1. Have you ever used the Internet to learn English? How/Why not?
2. Is there a technology you don't like using? Please explain?
3. Do you think technology can become addictive? How?
4. In what ways can technology negatively affect students’ progress at school?
5. Some people say that we tend to lose a sense of what is important in life. What is your opinion?
1. Are you equally good at all subjects at school? Please explain.
2. What things have you learned outside of school?
3. What skills are necessary to become a successful student?
4.What does it mean to be educated? Please explain.
5. Is it important to get a university degree in today's society? Why/Why not?