Task 1 (12 points)
Read the text below and choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. An example (0) is given.
Daniel Middleton, also known as DanTDM (0) from a child-friendly YouTube gaming channel The Diamond Minecart, (1)  continuously working on his channel since 2012. He is the most popular British creator on YouTube with 12.7 million subscribers and 8.3 billion views.

Middleton and his YouTube gaming peers have a very specific kind of fame: they can walk down the street and most passers-by will have (2) idea who they are, except the channel viewers.
“I get spotted more when I’m out now just (3) of the size of the channel. More so in school holidays. But even when I’m out and about in school or  (4)  hours, it’s the parents who’ll see me and say ‘I need to get a picture with you to show my kids’,” (5)  Middleton.
“However, I feel positive about this, since the difference between traditional celebrities (6)  the people who are popular on YouTube, I guess, is that we seem more accessible (7) traditional celebrities. They can seem (8)  inaccessible: they don’t walk the streets that everyone else (9) .  But when people (10)  me, even though I’ve not met them before, they feel like they’ve known me for years, and there’s a proper connection there.”
“It’s pretty strange to get used to. I wouldn’t even say I’m used to it yet. If people turn up to an event and are really (11)  to meet me, it confuses me. I’m naturally quite an (12)  person, so I’ve had to train myself to be able to deal with these situations.”
Lai iesniegtu atbildi un redzētu rezultātus, Tev nepieciešams autorizēties. Lūdzu, ielogojies savā profilā vai reģistrējies portālā!