Task 1
Task instructions:

You have to answer 5 questions about the topic. You have 3 – 5 minutes for the 5 questions. Say as much as you can.
1. Do you like going to concerts? Why/why not?
2. Do you think you will like the same music in 20 years’ time as you do today? Why/why not?
3. Are a song’s lyrics as important to you as the music?
4. How has technology changed the music industry?
5. How does music unite or divide people?
1. Do you prefer to have many friends or just a few close ones? Why?
2. What is the first thing that you notice when meeting someone new? Why?
3. Is it wise to tell everything to your best friend? Why/why not?
4. Is it common to have friendships across different cultures? Why/why not?
5. What do you think of this statement: True friendship means to understand and to be understood.
1. What are three websites that you visit daily? Why?
2. What would you do if you could not use the internet for a month?
3. Do you think that people should ask their friends’ permission before putting photos of them onto the internet? Why/why not?
4. Do you think that working at home using the internet is a good idea? Why/why not?
5. Can we believe all the information that is published on the internet? Why?
1. What sports do you like to watch? Why/why not?
2. What sport do you think is the most dangerous? Why?
3. Are team sports better than individual sports? Why/why not?
4. Do you think everybody should practise sports? Why/why not?
5. Why do you think sports are common across almost all countries in the world?
1. What do you think your life will look like in 10 years?
2. How do you think your town/village will change in the future?
3. What do you hope to achieve in your professional life?
4. Do you think life will be more difficult or easier for future generations? In what ways?
5. What do you think of this statement: The future depends on what you do today.
1. What is the first thing that you think of in the morning?
2. If there was an extra hour every day, what would you do with it?
3. How can you develop a good habit?
4. How can people surrounding us influence our habits?
5. What do you think of this statement: It always seems impossible until it is done.