Task 3(10 points)
Use the appropriate form of the words given in BLOCK letters to complete the sentences. Write the words in the spaces provided. An example (0) has been given.
Psychology and the Good Life – a course, (0) TEACH taught by Laurie Santos, a psychology professor and the head of one of Yale’s residential colleges, proved to be an (1) EXTREME  popular course  with (2) NEAR  one-fourth of Yale undergraduates
(3) ATTEND  it. The course tried to teach students how to lead a happier and more satisfying life in twice-weekly lectures. The  course  focused  both  on  positive  psychology  —  the
(4) CHARACTER  that allow humans to flourish – and behavioural change, or how to live by those lessons in real life. “If we see good habits, things like students showing more gratitude, procrastinating less, increasing social (5) CONNECT , we are actually  seeding  change  in  the  school’s  culture,”Dr Santos said in an interview. She (6) SPECULATION  that Yale students were interested in the class because, in high school, they had to deprioritize their happiness to gain (7) ADMIT to the school, adopting (8) HARM  life habits that have led to what she called “the mental health crises we are seeing at places like Yale.” Dr Santos (9) COURAGE students to enroll in the course because the things Yale undergraduates often connect with life satisfaction — a high grade, a (10) PRESTIGE  internship, a well-paid job — do not increase happiness at all.
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