10. jūnijs - MATEMĀTIKA II
Task 1 (12 points)

Read the text and complete it with the phrases. Use each phrase only once. An example (0) has been given.
Drone racing is an exciting new sport that has become popular faster than any other sport before it. Pilots (0) steer small and lightweight, but high-powered drones along courses with obstacles. They (1)  at speeds of over a hundred miles an hour. Every drone has a camera attached to it (2)  either on a big screen or with a special helmet. The races take place either outdoors in big stadiums, or indoors in old warehouses and sports arenas. However, competitions remain short (3) .

Although drone racing started only a few years ago, there are already international competitions that take place all over the world. In professional leagues, drone pilots (4) . For this reason television and other media have become aware of drone racing. The event itself is also recorded and uploaded to different video platforms where it can be viewed over and over again.

The first drones that hit the markets were heavy and expensive. Today they have become much cheaper (5)  and take up their new hobby. Recently, Amazon has come up with a plan to use them for making deliveries (6) .
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