Task 1 (12 points)

Read the interview. Choose the appropriate question in the gap (1-12). Use each question only once. There is one extra question which you do not need to use. An example (0) has been given.
Here we bring you an inspiring interview with a 19-year-old polar explorer and climate change campaigner, Parker Liautaud. He has participated in three expeditions to the North Pole since the age of 15. Through his expeditions he aims to collect scientific data that will contribute to a better understanding of climate change. The interview was given in 2013 before the Willis Resilience Expedition in Antarctica
0. Name one thing you can’t live without.
My laptop. I guess that is a strange answer since I will have no access to my usual electronics or an internet connection while on the expedition!
Definitely recovering after I failed to reach the North Pole during my first attempt at 15 years old. It was emotionally, mentally and physically very tiring. I was basically starting from the beginning because people and potential sponsors were not very willing to get involved and support my next attempt.

Well, I have just arrived in Chile where I am making my very last-minute preparations for the Willis Resilience Expedition. In a few days I am leaving for Antarctica, where I will be spending six weeks, and then try to walk unsupported the 643 km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. When I am not training, I am usually doing school stuff. I am studying geology and geophysics at Yale University. I guess I am a pretty busy guy.

How to live out of one suitcase. I have learned that too much stuff will hold you back!

The people I respect and admire — how they behave and the things they do — I usually rely on them when I make decisions. I am also passionate about raising awareness about climate change. I hope I will provide a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Antarctic climate and the changes that are happening so rapidly.

I love breakfast, so it would have to be an all-you-can eat breakfast with bottomless black coffee. All the eggs, bacon, pastries and fruit. Then I would need a really long nap.
Life is long, so go easy on yourself. Do not let one failure keep you from looking ahead, so work hard and try again. You are going to fulfil your dreams, and along the way, you are raising awareness about climate change.
My first expedition was when I was 15, with legendary explorer Robert Swan. The trip was unfortunately wrought with disastrous weather conditions and fast-drifting ice. So every morning we would wake up farther behind than where we started the day before. It felt like a huge slap in the face, and I was humbled by the magnitude of the challenge and the Arctic’s unpredictable nature.

Well, for starters, I have never been to Antarctica. The geography will be totally new to me. I am also trying to complete the journey within 22 days to become the youngest and fastest man to complete this route. That means I have to cover 29 km a day. On top of that, I will be pulling a sleigh that weighs 82 kg.

The 82-kilo sleigh I pull will contain everything I need to survive. It contains my food, tent, supplies, ice screws, ropes and more. I will also have polarized glasses that will protect me from snow blindness and a huge, insulated jacket that will keep me dry and warm in the -60ºC temperatures.

I will have oatmeal with some dried fruit for breakfast. During the day I will have some beef jerky, nuts and chocolate. Then for dinner I will have high-calorie, custom-made, freeze-dried meals. I am also planning on bringing 44 chocolate bars, but they will be rock-hard and frozen from the weather. I will have to break them up into little pieces before the expedition.

Unfortunately, I do not have much time right now. But I will need to select a light one — for my expedition. Right now I am thinking about The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.
I really hope people will know me as a young campaigner for climate change. I want to use all of my expeditions and speaking opportunities as platforms to shine light on the growing need to call on our leaders to take action and make our environment a priority.
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