Task 3 (10 points)
Use the appropriate form of the words given in BLOCK letters to complete the sentences.
An example (0) has been given.

Etched with strange pictograms, lines and markings, they lay buried in the (0) DUST dusty desert earth of Iraq for thousands of years. The clay tablets left by the ancient Sumerians provide what is (1) THINK  to be the earliest written record of ancient civilisations. The stories and details they contain have stood the test of time, (2) SURVIVE  through the millennia to be unearthed by modern historians. However, there are fears that future archaeologists may lack the same sort of record when they come to search for evidence of our own civilisation. Nowadays information is stored as lists of ones and zeros that can be edited or even completely deleted by a few (3) ACCIDENT  strokes on a keyboard. “(4) FORTUNATE , we live in an age that will leave (5) HARD  any written traces,” explains Martin Kunze. Kunze’s (6) SOLVE  is the Memory of Mankind project, a (7) COLLABORATE  between universities, newspapers and libraries to create a modern version of those first ancient tablets. The plan is to gather together the accumulated (8) KNOW  of our time: official documents, details about our culture, (9) SCIENCE  papers, biographies, popular novels, news, stories and images, and store it underground in a way that it is (10) READ  in the future.
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