Task 4 (8 points)
Fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage. Write only one word in each gap. The task begins with an example (0).


The Globe Theatre was (0) [__an__] Elizabethan-era playhouse part-owned by the great playwright William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, on June 29, 1613 (1) a performance of Henry VIII, a theatrical cannon misfired (2) ignited the wooden beam and thatched roof, leading to the entire building burning (3) . Theatre fans today can visit the Globe, (4) it’s not the Globe of Shakespeare’s day but a modern reconstruction.
It was nevertheless made to be historically accurate, using the plans, construction methods and the same materials as the 1599 original, but (5) modern safety standards in mind.

Shakespeare’s Globe is built from 100 per cent English oak and also has the only thatched roof permitted in all London (6) the Great Fire of 1666. The attention to historical detail even extends to the pit area, (7) remains standing only, but with a concrete surface (8) than the earthen/straw mix of the 16th century.
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