Task 1 (15 points)
You should spend about 25 minutes on this task.
Write between 100 – 120 words.

Your friend, Anna, has problems learning foreign languages. Write a letter to her describing how you learnt English and suggesting ways how she could become a better language learner.
Remember you have to write between 100 and 120 words.
  • Mind - this is a friendly letter.
  • Imagine that you write to a real friend of yours that will help a lot.
  • Don’t forget to greet and sign off. (Hi; Yours…., Regards, Best wishes….)
  • Use the proper register. The letter is supposed to be informal so you can use contractions, informal linking words like well, by the way, anyway, so, colloquial expressions, etc.
  • You can use more-conversation-like statements or questions in your letter.
  • Use questions to ask about your friend - arrange the next meeting, send greetings to his/her friends and family, etc.
  • End your letter in informal way: Best wishes; Love; Regards.
  • You should describe the most efficient ways of learning English – link them with your own experience, give two reasons how the ways you describe would help her.
Useful expressions:
  • Thank you for your letter. It was nice to hear from you.
  • Your last letter was a real surprise. It was so nice of you to remember about...
  • Thanks a lot for the information you've sent me in your last letter.
  • I've just received your letter. I'm so happy to hear that...
  • I'm sorry I haven't answered earlier but I was really busy with my school.
  • I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but...
  • Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Well, that's all for now. Will talk to you soon.
  • Give my regards to your Mummy.
  • I hope we will be able to arrange a get-together.
  • Do write back as I'm waiting for the news from you.
  1. Start the letter with the greeting. As this is a letter to the friend start it in a friendly way- begin the letter with Dear Anna, (remember to put comma after the person’s name and that you have to continue in the next line.)
  2. In paragraph 1 refer to the letter you have received from your friend and thank her for it. Give your sympathies to Anna for having problems with foreign languages.
  3. In paragraph 2 write about the one way which helped you to learn English and could help her with her problems. In this paragraph speak about one reason how it could help her.
  4. In paragraph 3 you could give her the second tip and explain how it helped you.
  5. Finish the letter with the excuse why you have to stop writing. And suggest you should meet soon. Explain her you hope her problems will resolve soon. Send regards to her family members.
  6. Say goodbye and write your name. (In friendly letter you sign off with phrases: Yours…, Regards… Best wishes…, Love….)
If you write less than 60 words your work will not be counted, if you write more than 130 words you will lose 1 point.