Task 1 (15 points)
You should spend about 25 minutes on this task.
Write between 100 – 120 words.
Your friend Gerard spends all his time playing computer games and he looks unhealthy.
Write a letter to Gerard saying what sport he should take up and how it will help him. Give at least two reasons.
Remember you have to write between 100 and 120 words.
1. Mind - this is a friendly letter.
2. Don’t forget to greet and sign off. (Hi; Yours…., Regards, Best wishes….)
3. Don’t speak about computer games.
4. Suggest sports and give two reasons why to choose the sport you suggested.
Important tips for writing a letter:
1. Start the letter with the greeting. As this is a letter to the friend start it in a friendly way- Hi, Hello, Dear….
2. In paragraph 1 mention ask how he is and explain why you are writing. (You have noticed that he looks unhealthy, speculate why it is so.)
3. In paragraph 2 write about sport that can help him. (You should speak only about one kind of sport.) In this paragraph speak about one reason why it can help him.
4. In paragraph 3 you can write about the second reason why this sport useful for him.
5. Finish the letter with the excuse why you have to stop writing.
6. Say goodbye and write your name. (In friendly letter you sign off with phrases: Yours…, Regards… Best wishes…, Love….)

If you write less than 60 words your work will not be counted, if you write more than 130 words you will lose 1 point. As it is a friendly letter you may use short forms, think of grammar, try to use more complicated grammar, don’t forget to use  more complicated linkers not only but, and, because.