Task 3 - Part I (4 points out of 10)

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the given phrases. There are more phrases than needed. The first one has been done for you.
History of cheese
Cheese is one of the most varied and subtle foods in the world. Cheese can serve as a (0)   , a superbly satisfying finale to a gourmet meal or simply as a basic nourishing foodstuff for family snacks.

Most authorities consider that cheese was first made in the Middle East. A legendary story has it that cheese was ‘discovered’ by an unknown Arab nomad. He is said to have filled a saddlebag with milk to sustain him on a journey across the desert by horse. After several hours riding he stopped to quench his thirst, only to find that the milk had separated into (1). The milk had been effectively separated into curds and whey by the combination of the rennin, (2). The nomad, unconcerned with technical details, found (3).

Learning these techniques, the Romans with their characteristic efficiency were quick to develop cheesemaking to a fine art. Cheesemaking was done with skill and knowledge and (4). By this time, the ripening process had been developed and it was known that various treatments and conditions under storage resulted in different flavours and characteristics. The larger Roman houses had a separate cheese kitchen and also special areas where cheese could be matured. In large towns home-made cheese could be taken to a special centre to be smoked.

the hot sun and the galloping motions of the horse
delicate aroma
they were drinkable and the curds edible
the precursor of today's Parmesan
to such an extent
perfect companion for wines
we owe many of the classic varieties of cheese marketed today
intermarried with the local populace
reached a high standard
a pale watery liquid and solid white lumps
in remote mountainous areas
that archaeologists have recently discovered
a drop in popularity
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