You are an exchange student in UK. As part of your school project, you are interviewing the director of the school Mr/Ms Stone. You have a minute to prepare. Then you will start.
Student: Greet him/her and explain why you have come.

Hello! / Good morning! / Good afternoon!
My name is ____. I am an exchange student in your school and I am working on my school project at the moment. Could I ask you a few questions about the school and study process?
Teacher:  I’ll try to help you. What would you like to know?
Student: Enquire about the number of exchange students at school.
How many exchange students are there in the school?
Teacher: They make about 10% of all our students.
Student: Enquire about exchange students’ home countries.
a) What countries do the exchange students come from?
b) From which countries are there exchange students in the school?
Teacher: Most of them come from Europe, but some are from Latin America and Asia. What countries do your classmates come from?
Well, I’m from Latvia, one of my classmates is from France but another one from China.
Enquire about the most popular subjects among the exchange students.
What is the most popular study subject among the exchange students?
Teacher: Of course, English. What is your favourite subject?
I like my English lessons, but I’m more interested in natural (social) sciences – I love chemistry and biology (history).
Enquire about the way studies are organized.
How are the studies organized in your school?
Teacher: Students make their own timetables as they choose the subjects themselves. Thus we can offer more variety. Do you have the same system in your country?
No, we have a completely different system in Latvia. The school programme is prepared by the Ministry of Education and then schools prepare the timetables based on the given curricula for each grade.
Find out about the school’s plans for its future development.
a) What are your plans for the schools’ future development?
b) Do you have any plans for the schools’ future development?
c) Are there any plans for schools' future development?
Teacher: We would like to specialise more in offering Oriental languages. Do you think they might be in demand?
Yes, I believe some students would find it very interesting, especially because there are great job opportunities in Oriental countries.

Ask for advice on how exchange students could overcome culture shock quickly.
What advise can you give to the exchange students to help them overcome the culture shock?
Teacher: You have to be sociable and easy-going and then being together with other students will help you to forget that you are in a foreign country.
Student:  Thank him/her for the interview and say goodbye.
Thank you for the interview! It was very nice talking to you. Goodbye!
Teacher: My pleasure. Bye.
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