Answer the question (Task 1, 1 minute)
- Do you watch television in the morning? Why/why not? (CE 2004)
Be ready to give your opinion on a number of questions (Task 2).
Look at the things people say about TV. Which arguments do you agree with? Give reasons.
- It’s a passive activity.
- It’s stupid.
- Children learn violence.
- It’s addictive.
- It ruins your eyes.
- You don’t read books anymore.
1) Tell me how much TV you watch?
2) Why do you watch TV?
3) Why do politicians try to control TV?
4) Describe your idea of a perfect TV program.
5) Should parents control what their children watch? Why/not?
CE 2003
Darren Coleman from Westbury, UK writes, “Love them or hate them, reality TV programmes are here to stay. The general public’s obsession with spying on other people’s private lives coupled with the fact that these programmes are comparatively very cheap to produce means they are essentially a license to print money.” What do you think about it?
1) Could you describe your attitude to reality shows?
2) Which reality shows have you watched at least partly?
3) Why do some prominent people of Latvia agree to take part in reality shows?
4) If you were invited to take part in a reality show made in the Brazilian rainforest, would you agree? Why/not?
5) What other ways of becoming famous can you think of?
6) Would you like to be famous one day? Why?
CE 2005
“The mass media are a tool of state propaganda for programming people.” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) Why are newspapers referred to as “windows on the world”?
2) Do you read newspapers regularly? Why not?/Which newspapers? What do you find interesting in them?
3) Which mass media do you use to get news? Why?
4) How do you feel when you read a “problem page” in a magazine? Have you ever written to a magazine?
5) What news items do you remember from recent weeks? Why?
CE 2005
Nicholas Johnson said, “All television is educational television. The only question is: what is it teaching?” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) Can you name any famous TV characters? Why are they famous?
2) What activities would you mention to describe your idea of having a good time?
3) To what extent do you think music trends are influenced by the media? Why/why not?
4) Have you ever been inspired by a film or a book to do something you have never done before? What was it?
5) Do you think that watching TV is a waste of time? Why/why not?
6) What do you like doing least in your spare time?
CE 2006
People say No news is good news.
Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) Who do newspapers and magazines like to gossip about in this country?
2) Why do we like to read about the lives of popular people?
3) Can you always believe mass media? Why/why not?
4) Should mass media be censured in this country? Why/why not?
5) Do you think popular people have the right to privacy? Why/why not?
6) Why are there so many commercials on TV?
CE 2006
It is said, “The mass media are a reflection of society.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?
1) Which are the most popular mass media in Latvia? Why?
2) How often do you watch television?
3) Describe how you learn about the current events in this country.
4) Do you read periodicals? Why/why not?
5) Which is the most popular quality newspaper in Latvia? Why do you think so?
6) What do youth magazines write about? Do you read them? Why/why not?
CE 2004
“The Internet and TV are drugs cutting people off from reality and active creative work.” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) Do you read newspapers? Why/why not? What periodicals do your parents read?
2) Which Latvian TV channels are worth watching? Why? What programmes exactly do you watch regularly? Why?
3) Can mass media be used as a tool of state propaganda? How?
4) Tell me how you get information about what is going on in the world. Who do you discuss it with? Why?
5) Describe what you think about the project to digitalise TV in Latvia.
CE 2004
People say that nowadays there is too much violence on TV.
What is your opinion?
1) Should violence be allowed in films? Why? / Why not?
2) What could the government do to protect children from violence on the internet?
3) In your opinion, why do children spend so much time on the internet?
4) How else could children spend their free time?
5) What could parents do to prevent their children from spending too much time on the internet?
6) What should local municipalities do to involve children in more useful activities?
CE 2008
Some scientists say that modern technology will soon govern our life.
What is your opinion about the impact of technology on people’s lives?
1) Will machines ever be able to substitute people? Why do you think so?
2) What are the advantages/disadvantages of using computers from an early age?
3) What is the impact of computers on one’s health?
4) Should the time children use computers be limited by parents? Why? / Why not?
5) Can the use of electronic technology lead to depression and feeling lonely? Why?
6) What could people do to avoid the negative impact of technology development?
CE 2008