Countryside and city life
Be ready to give your opinion on a number of questions (Task 2).
An American writer John Steinbeck wrote, “A strange and exclusive word is ‘city’.” What do you think?
1) Do you live in town or in the countryside?
2) Do you like living there? Why/why not?
3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in town?
4) What environmental problems do big cities face?
5) Why do so many people in Latvia want to live in Riga?
6) Where would you like to live in the future? Why?
CE 2004
It is said that people who live in the city feel alienated.
What do you think?
1) Would you like to live in the city or in the country? Why?
2) What are the advantages of living in the country / in the city?
3) What are disadvantages of living in the country / in the city?
4) What kind of person lives in the country / in the city? Why?
5) Could you mention your three best qualities?
6) In your opinion, how will your best qualities help you to advance in life?
CE 2008
A lot of city people say that life in the city is much more interesting than in the country.
What is your opinion?
1) What are the most favourite pastimes for young people in the city / in the country? Why exactly these?
2) How can your parents help you to make your life more interesting?
3) Should people look for opportunities to entertain themselves or should they wait until someone organizes something for them? Why should / shouldn’t they?
4) What could the local community do to make teenagers’ life more interesting?
5) Should gambling be allowed outside the big cities? Why? / Why not?
6) What should the government do to prevent people from getting addicted to gambling?
CE 2008