Everyday life
Answer the question (Task 1, 1 minute)
- Would you like to tell me about what you did yesterday? (CE 2006)
- How did you choose what to put on in the morning? (CE 2007)
- Did you have any breakfast? What did you have for breakfast?/Why not? What do you normally have for breakfast? (CE 2004)
- What time did you get up today? Why? How did you feel in the morning? (CE 2004)
Be ready to give your opinion on a number of questions (Task 2).
Look at the statement. A proverb says: “Lost time is never found again.” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) How do you usually plan your day?
2) How have your time management skills changed over the years? Why?
3) Which of the following do you consider to be “time-savers” and which ones are “time-wasters.” Why?
- Books
- Pair work in class
- Group work in class
4) What excuses do people usually give for being late?
5) What excuses do people usually tend to make for a missed deadline?
6) Do you believe these excuses?
CE 2007
An English proverb says, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” What do you think?
1) What is your usual weekday like?
2) How are your weekends different?
3) Is it necessary to have a daily routine? Why/why not?
4) What sort of person are you?
5) Who/what helps you organize your daily activities?
6) What is more valuable, health or wealth? Why?
CE 2004
In English there is a saying: ‘Business before pleasure’.
What is your opinion?
1) While studying at school, did you first do your homework and only then meet your friends or did you leave your homework till last? Why so?
2) Are you good at meeting deadlines? Why? / Why not? Give an example.
3) In your opinion, why do many people consider that meeting deadlines and being punctual is important?
4) What is your attitude to the fact that people do not meet deadlines?
5) Do you think people can change their habits? How? / Why not?
6) How would you react if someone were 20 minutes late for a meeting with you? Why?
CE 2008
There is a saying in English that ‘Lost time is never found again’
Do you agree with it?
1) Are you good at managing your time? Why? / Why not?
2) What could help young people to manage their free time better?
3) What time wasters can you mention? Why are they time wasters?
4) Can you think of any time saver?
5) Should we worry about the lost opportunities in the past? Why? / Why not?
6) Why do people like optimists better than pessimists?
CE 2008