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Fear of flying
Does the thought of booking a holiday leave you trembling with fear? Katy Pownall experiences the Virgin Atlantic Airways ‘Flying Without Fear’ course.

At the ungodly hour of 8.45 a.m. on a Sunday morning, 70 nervous flyers mingled in the Atlantic Suite at Manchester Airport swapping flight horror stories; despite the testimonials pinned to the walls, we were all dubious that we’d rid of our fear and cured for life.

Fellow fearful flyer, Roger, was 62. He had never boarded a plane but was determined to beat his disorder. Helen, 34, suffered panic attacks on planes but her best friend had recently moved to Spain and she was desperate to visit.

The course was divided into two sections. The morning session focused on the technical details – the Science Bit if you will.

Crucially those strange noises were de-mystified and we learned that the nervous flyers’ nemesis, turbulence, is not actually life threatening at all.

By lunchtime, enlightened save for the weight of lunch, I was a million times more confident about stepping on a plane. The mood was upbeat and a feeling of camaraderie was growing. A good indicator of success was that the conversation began to gravitate tenuously towards holiday plans rather than plane crashes.

David Landay, psychotherapist extraordinaire and, by his own admission, phobia-fixer of the stars, led the afternoon session. We were coaxed through some useful relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and fear rationalisation steps.

 (3) There was also a lot of encouragement, support, and a hell of a lot of bravery. We surprised ourselves.

Cured is a strong word, but the general consensus was that flying would never be such an ordeal again.

That day many boarded a plane for the first time; it’s good to know that they are now armed with the confidence to do it again. My plan is simply to relax and make some use of the in-flight entertainment on my next flight.

The next Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course is at Manchester Airport on 17 April and costs ₤199+VAT.
The day culminated with a 45-minute flight. For many, it was the moment of truth – there were tears, there was near hysteria, there were three people who simply couldn’t do it.
I paled in comparison: I’m actually quite a regular flyer; regular, but not happy. I spend my time on planes clinging to the seat and willing the thing to stay in the air rather than enjoying the movie and a crisp, cold gin and tonic.
Hosts David and Dominic, both senior pilots at Virgin Atlantic, delivered their knowledge with charisma and humour. Questions were answered precisely and they explained the physics of flying, plane and pilot safety checks.
Such fears can develop for a number of reasons. However, regardless of the causes, those who suffer can experience sleepless nights, elevated anxiety and fear of panic attacks.
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