First, read the text below! You will notice that some words are missing.
More good news, please
I love my newspaper. It  me the news every day. The newspaper has page after page of news. I also get the news from the radio and the TV. I also get the news from my friends. But I like the newspaper the best. I can read the newspaper any time I want. I can read any  I want. I can stop reading any story I want, when I want. My newspaper has many sections. The first section is national news. The . section is state and city news. The next section is business news. The next section is sports. The last section is entertainment. That’s a lot of news, every day. I have only one problem with my newspaper. Most of the news is sad news or   news. Why? There is good news, too. People like good news. People like to read and hear good news. I think my newspaper needs a section for good news. I think good news should be the first section of my newspaper.
Now listen to the audio file - can you hear what are the missing words? Write them in the empty gaps! There is only one word missing in each gap. Make sure you don't make any spelling mistakes and use lowercase letters only!
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