Read the text! There are three questions after the text and each question has three possible answers. Read the answers carefully and choose which is the correct answer based on what you have just read!
Back to School
There goes the alarm again. I guess I should get up, but I am dreading this day. I always hate going back to school after a holiday break. I am not sure why. I am anxious to see my friends, I don't have any overdue school assignments, but I still get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Has something changed? Do all my friends still feel the same way? What clothes should I wear today? Everyone will wear something new, I am sure of that.
My biggest conflict is in my head. Part of me says, "Be your own person!" Another part of me just wants to fit into the crowd. My mom says that high school is like this, but college will be the opposite. She says I'll meet many people with different interests, and find groups that I want to be with. I am looking forward to that freedom, but I have one more year of high school and this is my reality right now.
As much as my friends and I like to think we are above all the peer pressures and social "rules" of our school, we all know we are very much controlled by it. We wear our hair the same way, we wear the same brand clothes, and even have to use the same perfume. We basically clone ourselves because we don't want to be different. Yet, deep down we would like to shout, "Look at me! This is who I am!"
There goes the alarm again. What should I wear today? I think I will call Clara and see what she is wearing.
1) Which of the following did the author state would be for sure when she returns to school?
2) Which of the following is NOT true?
3) Which of the following IS true?
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