Read the text about the Smith's House! After the text there are three questions. Each question consists of three statements from which you have to choose the correct one! Read all three statements carefully before making the final decision! 
The Smiths' House
Mr Smith's house has got four bedrooms, a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a separate toilet. There is a toilet in the bathroom too. The bedrooms and the bathroom are upstairs, and the living-room, the dining-room, the kitchen and the toilet are downstairs.The first bedroom is Mr and Mrs Smith's, the second one is John's, the third one is Mary's, and the fourth one is Anne's. Catherine's baby bed is in Anne's bedroom too.
When you enter Mr Smith's house, the room on your left is the living-room, and the room on your right is the dining-room. Where is the kitchen? It is behind the dining-room. And where is the toilet? It is straight on, in front of you. There is a garden behind the house, but it is not big. Is there a garden in front of the house too? Yes, there is, but it is very small.
When you go upstairs, Mr and Mrs Smith's bedroom is on your left. The bedroom on your right is John's, and the bathroom is between his bedroom and Mary's. Anne's bedroom is behind Mary's.
There is a big bed and two big wardrobes in Mr and Mrs Smith's bedroom, and there is a small bed and a wardrobe in John's room. John and Mary's beds are big, and Anne's bed is small. The wardrobe in Mary's room is very big, and the wardrobe in John's room is small.
Anne's room has got blue walls, and there are white ships and green islands on them, because it is a child's bedroom. John's bedroom has got white walls, and Mary's has got grey walls. John has got pictures of horses on his walls, and Mary has got pictures of beautiful clothes.
1)  Choose the correct sentence:
2)  Choose the correct answer:
3)  Choose the correct answer:
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